Thursday, November 8, 2018

Case Study: Letting Marketers Market

Key Challenges

   Create a portal that allows 3,000 marketers and 500 marketing operations team members to create end-to-end marketing workflows.
   Unify disparate marketing tools into a holistic marketing campaign solution.
   Create a marketing solution that improves coordination between marketing and operations teams.

An End to End Marketing Solution

Improvements in marketing technology (MarTech) offer exciting possibilities for marketing campaign improvement. More easily than ever, marketers can design campaigns, track engagement, and personalize multichannel communication. But these added capabilities create time commitments on top of traditional marketing responsibilities such as managing budgets and compiling email contacts. Gaining a competitive advantage in the cutthroat modern marketing environment requires companies to use their resources in the most efficient way possible.

Our client, a large software company, wanted to create a holistic marketing campaign workflow. The company’s existing marketing solutions were comprised of disparate tools. The company had no system in place for marketers to perform end-to-end campaign activities. The result was that marketers were often bogged down creating budgets on one system, compiling email lists in another place, and tracking engagement on yet another system.

Our Process

The software company partnered with us to create a marketing portal capable of facilitating end-to-end activities. Using this portal, marketers would be able to collaborate with operations teams to plan and draft a budget, as well as execute their campaigns. Marketers could also defer logistical tasks, such as creating mailing lists, to the operations team, allowing marketers to do what they do best—market.

Our team begins every project by brainstorming with key stakeholders, and this project was no exception. Our team proposed three architectures capable of supporting the marketing portal. Ultimately, we recommended a solution using Microsoft Dynamics 365, which the software company agreed was the best tool for the job. Out of the box, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offered precisely the kind of end-to-end marketing workflow solution the software company sought.

Although Dynamics 365 offers many features out of the box, the success of any implementation depends on how well it is tailored to the client’s needs. We worked with the client extensively to determine the workflow that would best suit their marketing team. We then implemented a portal that captured data from marketers using a suite of Azure technologies. The dedication to planning paid off; we implemented the marketing portal without any major setbacks. The completed portal was responsible for coordinating the activities of over 3,000 marketers and over 500 marketing operations team members. The portal allowed the marketing operations team to determine who should work in the marketing service centers and enabled accurate forecasting of future costs.

A New Level of Project Coordination

The project's lead engineer attributed the success of the project to the diligence and conscientiousness of our planning with the stakeholders. “One of the most important things to keep in mind was that there was a lot of stakeholders. We needed to interact with everyone to ensure that the portal could provide a comprehensive view to everyone. If we had only accepted the feedback of one of the stakeholders, other stakeholders would not have been very happy.”

The completed marketing portal allowed our client’s marketers and operations teams to coordinate on marketing campaigns like never before. Now, using just one platform, marketers can drive their campaigns from start to finish.