Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Automate Workflows with a Custom Integration of These 3 Microsoft Products

Business Case:

Our client, a multinational technology company, performs regular product demonstrations (demos) at their retail stores. Demos drive sales by showcasing a product’s features and capabilities. To improve demos and increase sales, it is important to collect customer feedback. Our client employs two teams to plan the demos and collect feedback. The first team, the customer success team, runs demos to showcase how existing customers could use products and offerings. The second team, the enterprise business team, attends demos to better understand products and capabilities.

To set up demos, the customer success and enterprise business teams independently called store associates. A centralized system did not exist for teams to plan and avoid schedule conflicts. After the demos, each team called customers to collect feedback. The teams then manually entered the feedback into SharePoint. Without a centralized, automated workflow, our client’s teams were spending too much time correcting scheduling conflicts and manually processing feedback. Our solution needed to streamline our client’s workflow.

Key Challenges:

   Reduce scheduling time and conflicts
   Eliminate manual feedback collection
   Automatically sort and store feedback

Our Solution:

We integrated 3 Microsoft products; Flow, Forms Pro, and Dynamics 365; to streamline our client’s demonstration and customer feedback workflow.

We were among the first to implement an integrated solution using Flow, Forms Pro, and Dynamics 365.

Workflow architecture was created using Flow. The workflow starts with demo requests, which are generated by Flow and Azure Active Directory. Store managers can approve, modify, or reject the request to avoid double bookings. After the demos, feedback forms are generated and distributed to customers with Forms Pro. Customers’ Forms responses are automatically sorted and stored in Dynamics 365, completing the workflow. Workflows are updated by editing or adding templates, avoiding complex code changes. As a result, the platform is easy to scale and maintain. In addition, because feedback from Forms Pro is linked to the originating event in Dynamics 365, sales outcomes are directly attributed to customer feedback.

Business Outcomes:

   Reduced scheduling time and conflicts
   Eliminated manual feedback collection
   Automatically sorted and stored feedback

Our integrated solution using Microsoft products; Flow, Forms Pro, and Dynamics 365; improved our client’s workflow at three junctures. First, by changing product demonstration scheduling to an electronic process, we reduced scheduling time and avoided conflicts. Second, by automating the collection of feedback, we eliminated manual effort and increased communication speed. Third, our workflow directly connected sales outcomes to customer feedback, enabling our client to improve their product demonstrations and increase sales.