Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Visualize Earning Potential in Real Time

Business Case:

Our client, a multinational technology company, has an extended partner network responsible for generating millions of dollars in sales. To incentivize existing partners and engage prospects, our client showcases partner earning potential based on performance. Prior to our solution, our client manually calculated the earning potential presented to their partners and prospects. The process was time-consuming and prone to error. In partnering with us, our client’s goal was to design a solution that automatically calculates earning potential based on partner performance details.

Key Challenges:

  Design single point of view for calculation of profit opportunities based on engagement details  
  Enable ease of access for external stakeholders with set of predefined authentication methods  
  Enable customization of deal and engagement structures for client managers  

Our Solution:

We designed a Power App that calculates profit opportunity based on partner engagement inputs.  

Figure 1: User Interface of Solution

Our solution consists of a user interface and an administrator interface. The user interface is divided into two sections: input and output. On the input side, users enter engagement, consumption, and projection details. On the output side, profit opportunities are automatically calculated and displayed to the user. 

The administrator interface allows authorized business managers to change calculation criteria and enable/disable criteria based on user level. Administrators can also configure data category and threshold. 

Figure 2: Admin Interface

For external access, partners and prospects can log in to the app with pre-approved IDs outside the core network.  

Business Outcomes:

With our solution, our client drastically reduced calculation time and effort. Partners and prospects can now easily enter and change performance metrics to view earning potential in real time.  

In addition, our client can onboard new partners faster by offering quicker access to earning potential figures. Now, our client can focus on growing their network and increasing their revenue. 


    Developed a low-code Power App that calculates end to end earning potential in real time
    Reduced manual effort and calculation time by 30% on average
    Ensured ease of access and collaboration opportunities for users across multiple organizations