April 30, 2021

Introducing COMETS: Our Framework to Maximize Our Customer's Opportunities

Last Updated: April 15, 2022

With data-driven insights becoming essential for decision-making, a well-structured and optimized environment is crucial. Our COMETS framework combines expertise, best practices, and modern techniques to help customers maximize their business opportunities. In this post, we'll explore the six principles of COMETS.  

The framework: 

Customer-centric: The solution should be used to deliver insights and analytics tailored to the needs of the end users. By focusing on their specific requirements, our customers are assured that any data and visualizations within the solution provided are relevant, informative, and actionable.  

Optimize: The framework emphasizes the importance of optimizing data sources, performance, and overall architecture. This includes using best practices for data modeling, efficient calculations, and reducing unnecessary complexity in, e.g., reports and dashboards. 

Modernize: A modernized solution uses the latest features and capabilities of the platform. This includes adopting cloud-based solutions, integrating with other tools and platforms, and staying up to date with the latest version of the implemented technologies.  

Empower: The framework promotes the empowerment of business users to make data-driven decisions. By providing customers with the right training, tools, and access to data, our customers can foster a culture of self-service analytics and drive better decision-making. 

Transformative: Our solution should be used as a transformative force within our customer’s organization, driving changes in business processes, culture, and overall performance. This requires a strategic approach to implementing analytics solutions and ensuring they deliver real business value. 

SAAS-ification (Integrating reusable frameworks and solutions): Incorporate reusable frameworks and solutions into our customer’s cloud environment. Doing so will streamline development, reduce redundancy, and promote consistency across our customer’s organization. We use our own pre-built templates, standardized components, and modular designs across implementations.