Friday, November 4, 2022

ADX Implementation for the Real Estate Industry

Business Case

Our client, a Fortune 500 company from Real Estate Industry offers a design software that allows designers globally to build 3D models of both residential and commercial structures. One area where the software lacks with regards to its competition is having detailed analytics. It was challenging to bring real-time insights from data generated from web, mobile and desktop application with large volume of data. For our client to be successful, the product required scalable architecture, reduced infrastructure cost, improved data latency and faster data processing to manage high data volume.

Key Challenges

      • Ability to analyze data in Real time from multiple sources
      • Reduced cost per license

Our Solution

Our client wants to analyze data in Real time, which is expensive in traditional way with legacy systems. To decide the technology that was most relevant to our client, we performed several explorations like optimizing existing traditional architecture, using Data Lake architecture, and Streaming solutions.


After a detailed proof of concept to evaluate various design patterns and services, we decided to use Azure Data Explorer (ADX) as our repository for data with data being streamed or batched every few minutes. This helped in keeping the cost low, allowing us to scale and leveraging the compute power to get impressive performance. 

Business Outcomes

      •  Only 10% increase in cost per customer
      •  Real time analytics provided an edge for our customer


      •  Reduced data latency and infrastructure cost