March 7, 2024

Optimize your Power BI Reports and Usage with LoadFAST


It’s often challenging to do performance testing for Power BI. Traditional load testing methods are inadequate, tediously manual, have inconsistent outcomes, and are not scalable, unable to support increasing data and user needs.    

Introducing LoadFAST: a solution that surpasses traditional load testing limits with scalable, accurate, and granular performance insights. LoadFAST precisely evaluates Power BI dashboard capacity usage, identifies performance bottlenecks, and empowers you to fine-tune dashboards for optimization for optimal responsiveness.   

Use cases addressed by LoadFAST 

      •   Determine the impact of concurrent user loads:
LoadFAST effectively measures the impact of concurrent user loads on the performance of reports or dashboards. The tool helps report owners take the right steps to ensure their users receive an optimal experience—even during periods of high demand.
      •   Determine Power BI capacity utilization:
The tool is crucial for assessing the required capacity in workspaces. Balancing performance needs with cost-effectiveness aids in preventing resource overuse or underuse. LoadFAST provides key insights into Power BI resource utilization.
      •   Identify and optimize performance issues:
LoadFAST simplifies the process of pinpointing and resolving performance bottlenecks in Power BI reports. This allows businesses to focus on optimizations for quicker data processing and improved report performance.
      •   Simulate actions and measure their impact on load time:
Our advanced tool precisely measures load time by simulating actions like selecting slicers and applying filters, providing insights into performance bottlenecks. Developers can optimize targeted areas, improving efficiency and user experience for better reporting capabilities.
      •   Measure visual load times:
On top of report, page, and action-based load times, assess the load time of your visuals. Optimize your visual usage to balance insights with performance.


Figure 1: Architecture diagram

LoadFAST’s key capabilities 

      •   Customizable user count:
Calculate load times based on varying user counts, offering a realistic understanding of how reports perform under different usage scenarios.
      •   Concurrent load simulation:
The tool calculates the page load time (PLT) of multiple reports simultaneously across distributed machines. This approach ensures efficiency is maximized.
      •   Scalable and accurate testing:
LoadFAST is designed to scale effortlessly, accommodating high volumes of concurrent requests for testing page load time in multiple browsers. It promptly delivers accurate results, ensuring your performance insights are always up to date.
      •   Streamlined PLT measurement:
Automation is at the heart of LoadFAST. It reduces manual effort and eliminates inaccuracies associated with manual PLT calculation. With automation, you can trust that your performance data is consistent and reliable.
      •   Customizable:
LoadFAST provides comprehensive customization capabilities, enabling users to personalize the testing experience. You can adjust report complexity, resource allocation, and load testing counts according to your specific requirements.
      •   Granular performance insights:
LoadFAST excels at providing granular performance insights by tracking page load time (PLT) at the page level. This targeted approach enables the identification and resolution of performance bottlenecks.
      •   User-friendly:
LoadFAST is designed with the user in mind. It's easy to configure tests, select browsers, and analyze test results. The tool provides intuitive visualizations and clear reporting, making it easy for your team to interpret performance data effectively.

LoadFAST brings a host of benefits to the table, from scalable and accurate testing to user-friendly interfaces. Your organization can now access granular performance insights and streamline page load time measurements. With LoadFAST, your Power BI reports will perform even better than before, enabling you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Say goodbye to the limitations and inconsistencies and embrace a new era of performance monitoring with LoadFAST.

Ready to improve your Power BI reports? Download LoadFAST from the Azure Marketplace today. Contact for any further inquiries.