June 12, 2024

Optimizing task management with smart recommendations

Impacts of manual operations

Our client, a marketing-focused company, aimed to streamline their operations. The company faced several challenges, including manual overload on their employees, complex decision-making, and issues with maintaining consistency.


The challenges

      •   Manual overload:
The company's workforce was burdened with the tedious task of manually creating service tasks for each request. This process led to inefficiencies and frustration among the employees.
      •   Complex decision making:
With a multitude of parameters influencing task creation, employees struggled to make informed decisions quickly, resulting in delays and errors.
      •   Consistency concerns:
Maintaining consistency across task creation processes was a challenge, leading to variations in quality and adherence to company standards.


Transforming task management

To tackle these challenges, a cutting-edge smart recommendation system was introduced within our Model-Driven App. This innovative solution uses recommendation configurations to automatically generate and manage lease tasks, greatly reducing manual effort and boosting operational efficiency.


About the solution

      •   Data analysis:
Upon initiation of a new record, the system analyzes the pre-configured parameters.


      •   Recommendation engine:
As mentioned, the system generates personalized task recommendations based on pre-configured parameters. These recommendations are customized for each request by matching pre-configured parameters with predefined configurations.


      •   Automatic task creation:
Upon user approval, the system creates recommended tasks, populates necessary fields, and triggers predefined workflows. This process greatly reduces manual intervention, streamlining operations and ensuring consistency in task execution.


The impact

Implementing the solution brought measurable benefits to the client:

      •   Increased efficiency:
By automating task creation, users experienced a large reduction in time spent on administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives and value-added activities. With manual task creation, a user takes approximately 20 minutes to create 8 tasks. However, with the help of recommendations, it takes only 30 to 120 seconds without any manual intervention—a decrease of up to 97%.
      •   Improved decision making:
The smart recommendation system empowered users with data-driven insights and suggestions, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly and confidently.
      •   Enforced consistency:
With standardized task creation processes enforced by the recommendation system, the client achieved greater consistency and compliance with internal policies and industry regulations.


Through the implementation of a smart recommendation system within the Model-Driven App, we have redefined task management, driving efficiency, accuracy, and employee satisfaction. By embracing technology and innovation, the client has positioned itself as a leader in streamlining business processes and delivering exceptional value to its customers. 

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